Creation of Frames and Buttons

Today was the pinnacle beggining of building my media product. I worked upon the frames. I added these frames to the  layers and gave them names so that I can begin to add the attributes. This was directly after tutorials and some time practicing the coding. I managed to perfect a rather fundamental pieces of my development work; I also modified these frames by changing their respective colours.

I also began adding buttons to every frame, assigned it an appropriate colour and named it, helping me cemet the foundation of my media product. I also tested these. I continually tested every button and every frame. I tested them to ensure they are working finely, and thankfully they were. I also gave the layers names like

“Main Menu” and “Scene Selection”

The buttons names were also names

“Btngallery” and “btnoutakes”.

These helped me ensure I have a working media product. 
This piece of development work fits perfectly well with my client brief because it allowed me to have a structure and a layer by which my features will be added.


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