Creating Home Button

Today I created a back “home” button. This was also a fundamental characteristic I previously planned to have, This button allows the user to easily navigate around my media product. It makes it functional and professional as it effectively works well and looks good too. This did however, mean that I had to consistently test it. As the buttons were added on each and every slide, connecting to the main page, it meant that I had to use accurate coding.

In fact, here is how the code works on every frame, i’ll use the scenes as an exmaple:

“frmscene.btnbackfromscenes.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, CloseSceneForm); ”

Starting at the scene frame, the home button is clicked on this page which causes the system to listen to the even, then after the click of the mouse the scene form is then closed; taking you back to the home page.
This code allows me to navigate back to the home screen, thereby making the entire media product  functional and useable. This is more than necessary than necessary to the client brief because it allows the viewers to navigate their way throughout my media product, again it makes it fuctional.


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