Creating Outtakes

Today I restored the movie clips (outtakes) to begin building it. As they were encoded, I had to”import” them to the library, after linking it. I also created the “skin” of the movie clips to ensure greater interactivity. These skins for my media product provided the user with the opportinity to fastforward, rewing, pause, stop and play as well as adjust the sound intensity.

It works like this:

” function OpenOuttakesForm(evt:Event)
if (frmmain.visible == true)
frmmain.visible = false; frmouttakes.visible = true”

The outtakes form is opened , which is the event, the main frame then allows the outtakes frame to become visible.This allows the user to view my outtake as it turned “visible” when the form “outtakes” is opened.

This is more than critical to my clients brief because it allows for the user to view uneditted footage filmed during my film. This adds greater value to my media product ensuring professionalism.


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