From One Form To another – Linking Frames

This is unquestionably a critical part of my entire media product. Today I managed to link every form to the main menu, which in turn allows easy access to each and eevery section of my media product. This allowed the user to navigate their way to my “scene selection”, “Outtakes”, “Quiz” and “Gallery” branches of my media product. This meant that I had to use the appropirate codings which had to be of supreme accuracy.
Here is how the frames work:

“frminteractive.btnplayquiz.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, loadQuiz); ”

This bit of coding works by looking at my interactive quiz form button (which opened the quiz) and allowed it to run after listening to the event.
This renderd me to be extremely accurate and careful with wordings as I made some mistakes which I fortunately rectified. This is crucial development process was relevant to my client brief because it allows the user to interact with my media product and find out some information regarding the subject of assult.


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