Creation of Interactive Quiz

After the gallery, I managed to make significant progress regarding the completion of my quiz. I planned to incorporate a quiz that is interactive and useable by my audience. Thus, I managed to take the initiative to design my quiz which features a few questions and possible answers. The quiz is designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of the user.
Here is how the interactive feature’s code works:

var questionAndAnswers =
[“What do Muggers tend to use?”,      “Knife”, “Sock”,  “Spoon”, 0],

unction loadQuiz(evt:Event)
var urlReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest(“Quiz.swf”);
var myLoader:Loader = new Loader();
myLoader.x = 120 ; myLoader.y= 60 ;
myLoader.load(urlReq);   // passed to the ldr
try { removeChildAt(4); }  //One bigger than the number of forms, starts from 0
catch (e:Error) { }

addChild(myLoader);   // display object container

The question is posed at the top along with its possible answers, the URL from the actual media product requests the one from the actionscript that obtains the Quiz. This is then loaded in the coordinates (120,60). Then the objects are displayed.
These codes formulated the question and possible answers. Also they load the quiz in media product. This is relevant to the client brief because without it, it may not be as interactive as it could be, this provides a sense of amusement which is needed to fulfil the purpose of my media product and effectively appeal to its audience.


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