Inputting the Films + Interactive Skin

Today was a very crucial part towards the development of my IMP. I was able to finally input my films into my media product along with the skin. This was not a very simple stage, which caused me to have a few sessions with my tutor regarding the stages involved in putting these into the mix. However, in the end I managed to link the films with my actual media product. I managed to integrate the skin into the film, which was done in the process, i.e. when actually importing the film, it was an option which I had to use my initiative to create. However, this was the code that I used to get the “Subtitled” version of my film into my IMP, and here is how it worked.

“function loadSubs(evt:Event)
 var urlReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest(“Subtitles.swf”);  
 var myLoader:Loader = new Loader();     
 myLoader.x = 120 ; myLoader.y= 60 ;
 myLoader.load(urlReq);   // passed to the ldr
 try { removeChildAt(4); }  //One bigger than the number of forms, starts from 0
 catch (e:Error) { }

 addChild(myLoader);   // display object container”

I first of all copied the code from a seperate document and then subsequently modified it to input my own details. Load  “Subs” is the name of the film, i.e. subtitles. Then the function acquired the URL which was in SWF format, and then loaded it in the IMP, about the coordinates (120,60), and then the object (the film and the skin) was then displayed.

This was a crucial part of my media product because without it, my product would not meet the requirements of the target audience and the Client Brief. Therefore this was mor ethan necessary, as the client brief desired 2 films; subtitle and non-subtitles. I was therefore able to integrate this succesfully.


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