Creation of Gallery + Photoshop

Today I successfully completed my gallery. To complete this I had to once again demonstrate my own initiative. I briefly used Adobe Photoshop to crop and perspective every image in my gallery. I managed to edit these images – ensuring they’re suitable and fuctional for further usage within my IMP. This was a crucial stage to my media product because it was the first time I incorporated an interactive feature. It had to be special so I did my research, I found a website from a friend, and managed to discover it specialised in Flash features. This website provided me with a tutorial into how to implement them. I used my initiative to follow the algorithms and managed to create a “fall-down” effect. This interactive feature alllows for the user to click on an image, then the image break down into miniture squares and “fall-down” one by one, which extraodinarily formulates the image.

This is how it works:

“function loadPic1(evt:Event)
var urlReq:URLRequest = new URLRequest(“src1.swf”);
var myLoader:Loader = new Loader();
myLoader.x = 130 ; myLoader.y= 60 ;
myLoader.load(urlReq);   // passed to the ldr
try { removeChildAt(4); }  //One bigger than the number of forms, starts from 0
catch (e:Error) { }

addChild(myLoader);   // display object container”

This code loaded my “pic”, which was the initial function and then refered back to the URL to get the file “src1.swf” which is the name of the image, and then loaded it in the frame  in the coordinates (130,60)

It allowed the user to experience the fall-down effect; I also modified it to re-position the image upon the page. This is development work is relevant to the client brief because it is a cool interactive feature that excites and compels the user, thereby increasing the value of my media product as well as suiting the target audience, while delivering the purpose effectively.


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