Creation of Scene Selection

Upon creating and patching up the gallery section and my interactive quiz, I made significant progresses to my scene selection. Today I continued to use my own initiatve and exploit that website. I found an excellent interactive feature that is suitable for my media products scene selector. The effect takes the form of buttons that when clicked slides to the next scene. The number of the scene is also displayed at the top.
Again, using my initative, I implemented this by following the algorithm, developing my own skills, and applied the coding to my videos. Although I encountered some problems particularly with coding and abbreviated words, I manage to solve this by referring to the steps of the website again.

Here is how it worked:

//Stops the images from looping.

//Add the mouse click event to the left and right buttons.
left.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goLeft);         // calls a function to cycle left
right.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, goRight);  // calls a function to cycle right

//Initially hides the left button.
left.visible = false;

The stop bit of coding stopped the feature form looping, and put it into a “slideShow”. While the other manipulates each other by making one visible and the other invisible.  The mouse then enables the user to click on the left and right buttons, i.e. “MouseEvenCLICK,goLeft/Right”.  Then the hide function comes into play.

I must admit it took some time to understand what the meaning of some of the codings. Lastly, this was more than relevant to the client brief because the developing process ensured there is sufficient scope for the user to interactive with the media product. This was also part of my sketch, fortunately, this plan was fulfilled.


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