Having already used my initiative many times to create an extensive variety of elements for my IMP,  I decided to use it again to develop a web-link. I have positioned this on the main menu in the top right hand corner. At the click of this feature, an internet page immediately opens up and transfers directly onto the directgov website. The web-link displays the viable governmental website and an article on “muggings” and being assault alond with what to do in this form of situation. To implement this, I use the code below and here is how it does it:

function getlink(evt:Event)
navigateToURL(new URLRequest(“http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/YoungPeople/CrimeAndJustice/TypesOfCrime/DG_10027666“));

This code directly transfers to this website.  It says “navigateToURL”  prior to “fucntion getlink), this mean that the system gets the link, it listens to it and then it navigates, goes to the URL page. But I initially had a problem which turned out I incorrectly pasted the code in the actionscript. This caused the failure thereby leading me to quickly correct this mistake. This however, is more than applicable to the client brief because it was a requirement to have a link to a useful and productive website regardless of any faults I make. This interactive weblink fulfiled this desire, thereby ensuring greater professionalism and satisfaction within my media product.


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