Whenever I built a new frame, incorporated a button and background image, I tested each and every one of them ensuring they work and mistakes are easily spotted. These tests proved beneficial as I encountered some minor problems which I overcame.


Encoding Films

I encoded all my movies using the Adobe Media Encoder CS4 software which enabled my films to be compatible with the Flash software. All my movies (with the exception of my outakes) were initially affiliated with the Adobe Premier Pro CS4 software as I was editing my film in this software. I managed to cut, import sound and images, subtitles and text into my film usuing it; to ensure utmost professionalism within my work.

The software allowed me to add the file, encode it, queue it and ultimately import the file into Flash.
This piece of development work tied well with the client brief because without this software I would have never have been able to perfect my film in Flash therefore prohibiting me from fulfilling the desires of the client; such as adding the actual video, scenes, outakes and my interactive features. Thus, this was a particularly important stage in development.

Checking Films

Today I checked all my actual Movies, Scenes and Outtakes, ensureing they are ready to be transferred onto Flash. Luckily they are ready, working perfectly without any serious unexpectant troubles, though there was one, which caused me to open the document as a Premier Pro file; which was not serious.

Therefore, I shall convert all my films, “Encode” them to ensure they are compatible with the Adobe Flash software where I will be building and developing my media product.

Transfering film – post created on the 06/07/2010

I transfered the film, DVD to the computer after actually filming the action and storing it onto the computer. The development work fitted rather well in to the client brief because they both correlated and without this key moment, I would never have been able to work on it using appropriate software.

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